Monday, 24 November 2014


Dress - Virgos Lounge..Find here

Sincerest apologies for the large gap in posts! My life has been so consumed with work, weddings, family obligations etc. that today seems to be the first day in ages where I feel like i've got a minute to myself! Hope you're all keeping well!

Few weeks ago it was my cousins wedding where I was picked to be a bridesmaids and girls let me tell you picking a dress was probably the biggest nightmare but finaaallly we were graced by the presence of the gorgeous dresses from Virgos lounge and this pretty number was picked! The detailing of their dresses is seriously amazing and the style of the wrap with the split are just so so beaut!

S xx

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Jacket - River Island.. Find Here
Top - Topshop.. Find Here
Trousers - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Shoes - Matalan.. Find Similar Here
Bag - Prada.. Find Similar Here
Notebook - Chroma.. Find Here

Day out with the family roaming London is always a lot of fun. Even though i've done this 100+ times every place I visit always feels like the first time and London is seriously a beautiful city!
More importantly! How gorgeous is my new notebook? I was recently contacted by Chroma and they offered to send me a notebook. I thought this was perfect and so appropriate for my blog! Now I have a little place to jot down all my blog ideas and hopefully it'll keep me a lot more organised!
Its actually a new brand which the girl started while at uni and now has started up a kickstarter page here which is live up until the 20th! 

When I first heard about how they personalise stationary I thought it was such a cute idea and then once I received I was in absolute awe! The quality, the colour and the embossing is just so gorgeous! Check it out!

S xx

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Culottes - Miss Selfridge.. Find Here
Jumper - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Trench - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Sliders - H&M.. Find Similar Here

Obviously had to do the obvious and change the name of these trousers to coolottes as they are seriously the coolest! Completely fabulous and flattering and with a floral print it can be used for casual and evening depending on how you style it. I went for a pretty casual look by pairing it with a fluffy jumper and just throwing this trench on top for it to be somewhat effortlessly cool. Finished it off with the only thing that's been on my feet for daaaaays.

S xx

Monday, 6 October 2014


Blazer - River Island.. Find Similar Here
Top - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Trousers - H&M.. Find Similar Here
Heels - River Island.. Find Similar Here
Necklace - Primark.. Find Similar Here

 As we all know autumn winter means tailoring and androgynous looks. This blazer seemed so fitting for the season as the tailoring is gorgeous alongside the colour palette it sports. Plus you can never go wrong with some leather during AW so these PU leggings pull the outfit together. Silver detailing brings attention to the whole look. Annnd oversized is the way forward girlies.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Jumpsuit - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Wedges - eBay
Necklace - Depop.. Find Here
Rings - H&M + Sisters.. Find Here
Jacket - Zara.. Find Similar Here

Quite a basic look for a quick date night to the movies. Went to watch Think Like A Man Too I would somewhat recommend as I was giggling throughout but I don't know if that's because my expectations were extremely low or because it generally was a good movie. 

As you can see from the title its all about the SHOES! I've had these for over a year now and i'm only just wearing them now!?!?! They're my favourite vintage find and look so cute on and now I just don't want to take them off! (Excuse the chipped)

S xx

Friday, 26 September 2014


Jumper - Oasis.. Find Here
Top - Zara.. Find Similar Here
Skirt - Oasis.. Find Similar Here
Heels - Depop.. Find Similar Here

So this was my outfit for my induction! Yes that means I got the job, how exciting!? I know right!! So I am now the personal stylist for the Oasis Argyll St store!! When putting this outfit together it reminded me of Paris! I imagine wearing something along the lines of this whenever I do visit. Monochrome and red, very Paris right? Especially the length of the skirt and the fluffy heels. Well to be honest the fluffy heels remind me way more of SATC and carrie, i'm pretty sure I remember her strutting around in something similar. 

There's now an eBay dupe of them! So definitely recommend you guys checking them out as I don't see any stores with them just yet.

S x 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Dress - Hype.. Find Similar Here
Jumper - Primark.. Find Similar Here
Necklace - Primark.. Find Similar Here
Sliders - H&M.. Find Similar Here

It's finally time to somewhat layer up as the days are getting colder. However, British weather will always be unreliable. Its now more of a take an extra piece in your bag because it may rain or it may get colder. The transition is normally very difficult for me as i'm a lover of the summer. However saying that, this fluffy jumper is probably one of my favourite buys! it's one of those pieces you can just throw on top of literally anything. Sometimes, yes, I may come across as a hobo but normally it's absolutely fine. 

Also here's a little more information in regards to Hype Clothing! They've just recently collaborated with Asos in conjunction with Halloween. I've got to say it's actually amazing! Selection of monochromatic, Yin and Yang inspired iconography. Here's a little sneak peek but it'll be our little secret? 

S xx