Friday, 12 September 2014


 Coat - Topshop.. Find Similar Here
Blouse - H&M.. Find Here
Skirt - Asos.. Find Here
Necklace - Depop.. Find Similar Here
Cuff - Vintage.. 
Heels - Kurt Geiger.. Find Similar Here

Had a little interview today which hopefully I can tell you all about if I get the email telling me i've got it. My fingers are crossed while I type obviously. So thought i'd go for something quite on trend by bringing in some Autumn Winter in to the outfit by wearing some khaki. As you can see I'm completely obsessed with this coat as it's been seen in all my posts so far (yes, I know there's only 2). Then I thought i'd go for something smart and sleek which is where the white on white came about. The off-white heels added a nice little touch I thought, as it brought the khaki in a little bit more. As the interview was for a fashion company I thought I could go a little more crazy with accessories than I normally would. So decided to add my huge statement necklace which I thought would go quite nicely tucked under the blouse as it would show through the v-neck. Then to finish it off I added my mum's cuff from the 80s. Oh what a stylish little woman she was.

What do you guys think?

S xx 


  1. Well isn't this a bloody gorgeous outfit. I'm very jealous. Also...I'd totally give you a job based on this alone haha.


  2. Such a gorgeous combo! I think people need to stand out at interviews and this is a perfect change from dreary black suits and briefcases. Fingers crossed for you, good luck! :) xx

    Viva Epernay

  3. Really pretty all white outfit! And the coat on the shoulders makes it even more chic!

  4. Love that coat!


  5. Love this look, especially your shoes! Great blog, would really love if you could stop by mine!

    -Magenta xxx

  6. Love that total white look!

  7. The blouse and shirt look amazing!

  8. Love the coat! The blouse and shirt look great together too
    Daniella x

  9. Such a pretty look! All white for an interview is always a bit risky but I think you pulled it off so well! (Also the coat goes so well with your look!) Best of luck for the job--my fingers are crossed for you! ;)

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  10. Wow you look amazing! What a great outfit. Hope you got the job!

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    Love from Canada,

    Marie from Elle Charie

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